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NP/PA GI internship

NP/PA GI Internship

Welcome to become a GGAP Intern! An open door to job opportunities in Gastroenterology! This is a paid internship program for certified NP or PA who are interested in Gastroenterology! GI Internship is a completely supervised practical experience at GI Solutions of IL!


  1. If you are a new NP/PA graduate passionate in gastroenterology career
  2. If you are an experienced NP/PA looking for a career change
  3. If you are a certified Nurse Practitioner or a Physician Assistant awaiting license
  4. If you can do once or twice per week training for 96 hours 
  5. If you are out of state, Let’s talk the possibilities
  6. If you are a gastroenterology practice looking for training your NP or PA to get more gastroenterology clinical skills

What you will learn:

  1. Experience in treating gastroenterology patients in an ambulatory center and inpatient acute care trained by our expert nurse practitioner-Dr. Simi Joseph, DNP
  2. Observe and learn diagnostic studies such as small bowel capsule study, pH studies, Esophageal Manometry, and EndoFlip procedures.
  3. Experience in evaluating endoscopic biopsy results, radiology studies, and specific labs for gastroenterology patients
  4. Observe and learn procedures such as EGD, Colonoscopy, ERCP, BARRX ablation for Barrett’s esophagus, Percutaneous gastrostomy, Polypectomies, Dilatations, Stenting etc.

Please Email us with details!

This is a unique opportunity first time in the country for NP/PA, Save your spot!

N.B. This program is not for NP/PA students.

GGAP was founded by the Nurse Practitioner Entrepreneur Dr. Simi Jesto Joseph, who is passionate in training gastroenterology professionals to improve clinical decision-making skills.

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