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  1. Are you looking for an expert to read Endoflip?
  2. Do you dedicate a lot of time in reading and interpreting these results?
  3. Are you worried about current situation on delay in clinical decisions?
  4. Are you an endoscopist who would rather do procedures than being on the computer?
  5. Will you be excited to receive the complete results in 24 hours?
  6. Do you want to discuss your patients’ history with an expert and correlate the findings?

GGAP is the right place to collaborate for the results of EndoFlip.

Services Offered:

  1. Pre-reading services
  2. Online Consultation

Please send us an e-mail for a quote.

Looking forward to work with you!

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GGAP was founded by the Nurse Practitioner Entrepreneur Dr. Simi Jesto Joseph, who is passionate in training gastroenterology professionals to improve clinical decision-making skills.

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